Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

An overview of our Curriculum Map for 2023-24 may be found by clicking on the image below:

More information about our PSHE curriculum is available here

Curriculum Options for September 2024

A copy of our ‘Options’ booklet for students starting their examination courses, in year 10, in September 2024, is available here.

Our Faculties

At Ormiston Sudbury Academy we have a total of 7 faculties across which, all of our subjects are split.

  • Creative Design – covering art, design technology, food and IT/computing
  • English – covering English language/literature and modern foreign languages
  • Humanities – covering history, geography, religious studies and personal, social and health education
  • Mathematics
  • PE
  • Performing Arts – covering music, dance, drama/acting and production
  • Science

Our ‘Inclusion’ department works alongside our faculties to ensure that students with SEND needs are supported across the curriculum

Ormiston Sudbury Academy –  Curriculum Intent

In line with the Ormiston Academies Trust curriculum strategy of teach, develop and change, our curriculum intent demonstrates our commitment to:

  • A broad and balanced range of subjects; inspiring students to appreciate and interact with the world around them, encouraging independence and creativity and linking their learning from different topics, themes and disciplines.
  • Teach the key elements to support effective: literacy, language and numerical development.
  • Support students in progressing, by providing appropriate and valued opportunities to develop their aspirations.
  • Develop a variety of skills in students to support their on-going learning by cultivating resilience, teamwork, creativity as well as a passion and enjoyment for learning.
  • Develop the key skills that support students in sustaining effective personal well-being and relationships through confidence, tolerance, respect and appropriate communications.

Links to the left will allow you to discover a little more about each of our faculties and their curriculum.