School Day

What time must my child arrive at school?
Students should arrive by 8.35am and ensure they are at their registration room by 8.40am, when the register will be called, at the beginning of tutor time (or assembly.) Each year group has a weekly assembly in the auditorium:

  • Year 11: Monday
  • Year 10: Tuesday
  • Year 9: Wednesday
  • Year 8: Thursday
  • Year 7: Friday

What happens if my child is late?
Registration finishes at 9:00am in the morning with the second (afternoon) ‘session’ of the day being recorded at 12.00.

  • If your child arrives after 8.40am he/she will be marked late
  • If your child arrives after 9.00am he/she will be marked absent

Students who arrive after registration should report to the Attendance Office where they must sign in and record the reason for their lateness.

How do I report my child’s absence?
You must contact us by 9am every day that your child is absent. You can do so by emailing [email protected] or by telephoning our Attendance Officer on 01787-375131 (pressing ‘1 – to report a student absence‘ when prompted.

Please do not leave voicemail messages about absence on any other line/extension.

When is the end of the Academy day?
Lesson 5 ends at 3.10pm and school buses leave the site between 3.15pm and 3.20pm. Students who are collected by car, or who walk home, may leave the site at 3.10pm, assuming they do not have any after-school commitments (such as detentions, catch-up sessions, clubs or year 11 ‘period 6’ lessons to attend.)