Names and key faces

By clicking on the name of the member of staff below, you will be able to email them directly; to contact the Principal, please contact her P.A. (Mrs Innes) via [email protected]

Senior Leadership

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Mrs S. Morris PrincipalMrs E Price      Vice Principal: Safeguarding (DSL) / CLA NomineeMr D. Howkins    Vice Principal: SENDCOMiss L. Turner Assistant PrincipalMr P. Stokes Assistant Principal – BehaviourMr L. Cox Assistant Principal Mrs N. Logan Director of Finance

Heads of Year

Miss K WebsterHead of Year 7 and Teacher of Textiles (Art)
Mrs B Barry (formerly Holmes)Head of Year 8 and Teacher of Dance
Mr A StarkeyHead of Year 9 and Teacher of Geography
Mr N BloomHead of Year 10 and Teacher of Maths
Mrs R Moulton-DayHead of Year 11 and Teacher of PE and Maths
Mr M DuffyAssistant Head of Year (KS3) and Teacher of Computing
Miss C NormanAssistant Head of Year (KS4) and Teacher of History

Pastoral Managers

Mrs M Newell
Mrs C Hingston
Mr O King
Mrs C Barrett

Additional Pastoral Support

Mr D JohnsonBehaviour Intervention Coordinator
Mrs P MartinStudent Counsellor
Mrs A CookSupervised Study Coordinator
Mr A ArmstrongFire Liaison Officer (EXTERNAL)

English Faculty

Ms H Bernhard-BubbHead of Faculty: English
Mrs L DrakardSecond in Faculty: English
Mr D HowkinsEnglish Faculty  (and Vice Principal, SENDCO)
Mrs A PenEnglish Faculty
Miss L TejanoEnglish Faculty
Miss L WardenEnglish Faculty (and PSHE Coordinator)
Mrs S LewinPT English Teacher (and LRC Supervisor)
Mrs L BrundleEnglish Faculty (MFL)
Ms C OparaecheEnglish Faculty (MFL)

Mathematics Faculty

Mr C RaynerHead of Faculty: Mathematics
NEW POSTHOLDER STARTING SOONSecond in Faculty: Mathematics
Miss A HeadleyMathematics Faculty
Mrs K WicksMathematics Faculty
Ms D BanthorpeMathematics Faculty (and teacher of PE)
Mr N BloomMathematics Faculty (and Head of Year 10)
Mr R LyonMathematics Faculty (and teacher of PE)
Mrs R Moulton-DayMathematics Faculty (Head of Year 11 and teacher of PE)
Mr N WantMathematics Faculty (and Head of Year 9)
Miss J RogersMathematics Tutor (PT)
Mr K PettittMathematics Tutor (PT)

Science Faculty

Mr H DuvvasiHead of Faculty: Science
Ms E TaylorSecond in Faculty: Science
Mrs C JuweScience Faculty
Mrs S MorrisScience Faculty (and Principal)
Mr R PalomboScience Faculty
Mrs R TaylorScience Faculty
Miss M ElsdonScience Faculty: Technician

Performing Arts Faculty

Miss K Conway-Jarrett Head of Faculty: Performing Arts
Mr L CoxPerforming Arts Faculty (and Assistant Principal)
Mr A NapierPerforming Arts Faculty (and Coordinator for Royal Shakespeare Company’s Lead Associate Schools’ Programme)
Mrs B Barry (formerly Holmes)Performing Arts Faculty: Responsibilities at KS3 (and Head of Year 8)
Miss L TurnerPerforming Arts Faculty (and Assistant Principal)
Mr B AndrewsPerforming Arts Technician

Physical Education (PE) Faculty

Mr S DoddHead of Faculty: PE
Miss D BanthorpePE and Mathematics Faculties
Mr R LyonPE and Mathematics Faculties
Mrs R Moulton-DayPE and Mathematics Faculties (and Head of Year 10)
Mr P StokesPE Faculty (and Assistant Principal – Teaching)

Humanities Faculty

Mrs A FranklinHead of Faculty: Humanities
Mr A BishopHumanities Faculty
Miss E CoxHumanities Faculty
Mr R HowardHumanities Faculty (and Teaching and Learning Facilitator)
Miss C NormanHumanities Faculty (and Assistant Head of Year – KS4)
Mr A StarkeyHumanities Faculty (and Head of Year 9)

Creative Design Faculty

Ms V WoodrowHead of Faculty: Creative Design
Miss M HartSecond in Faculty: Creative Design Faculty
Miss E CookeCreative Design Faculty (and Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Manager / Youth STEM Awards Lead/Coordinator)
Mrs E PriceCreative Design Faculty (and Vice Principal, DSL, CLA)
Mr C RaynerCreative Design Faculty (and Head of Mathematics Faculty)
Miss K WebsterCreative Design Faculty (and Head of Year 7)
Mrs S SnellTechnician: Creative Design Faculty
Miss R ThackerayArt Technician: Creative Design Faculty
Mr M DuffyComputing (and Assistant Head of Year – KS3)

Inclusion and Support

Mrs K JacquesDirector of Inclusion
Mr D HowkinsSENDCO and Vice Principal (English Faculty)
Mrs S AnsellClassroom Support: Teaching Assistant
Miss G BradfordClassroom Support: Teaching Assistant (PT)
Ms R Byam Classroom Support: Teaching Assistant
Mrs R CullivanClassroom Support: Teaching Assistant
Mrs A EynonClassroom Support: Teaching Assistant (PT)
Mrs S FrostClassroom Support: Teaching Assistant
Ms L Hardy-ThompsonClassroom Support: Teaching Assistant
Mrs A MorganClassroom Support: Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Miss S NevardClassroom Support: Teaching Assistant
Mrs S SmithClassroom Support: Teaching Assistant
Mr C MannionClassroom Support: Cover Supervisor
Mrs C StalkerClassroom Support: Cover Supervisor


Mr S GoodchildSite Maintenance: Site Manager
Mr M AndrewsSite Maintenance: Assistant


Mrs S BaileyAdmin: Finance
Mrs L BensonAdmin: Reception
Miss H BorehamAdmin: Careers Advisor
Mrs M FarrellAdmin: Admissions / Attendance Support
Mrs N GoodchildAdmin: Attendance
Mrs N InnesAdmin: Principals P.A.
Mrs J IsahakAdmin: Clerk to Governors
Mrs N LoganDirector of Finance
Mrs L MansellAdmin: Reception
Mrs A MontgomeryAdmin: Transfer and Transition
Miss H MortimerAdmin: Academy Office – Trips/visits
Miss K PhillipsAdmin: Data Manager and Exams Officer
Ms D MealeyAdmin: Academy Office
Mrs H McDonaldAdmin and Student First Aid
Mrs J WarrenAdmin: Website Administration