(Please also refer to the ‘Student Planner’ which is issued to all students.)

At Ormiston Sudbury Academy the standard uniform is as follows:

  • Black trousers/tailored, pleated knee-length skirt or tailored shorts (required), white collared shirt/blouse (required), teal tie (required), blazer (required), academy jumper (optional), plain black or white (below the knee) socks or plain black/neutral tights (required); socks OVER tights should not be worn.
  • Plain black school shoes (required and must be ‘polishable’); no canvas shoes, trainers, sandals or plimsolls

The academy uniform should be worn by all students in year 7 through to year 11. Students who arrive at the academy in incorrect uniform may be sent home to change.

In addition to the items of clothing mentioned above:

  • Students should not wear coats/jackets, scarves, hats or gloves once in the Academy
  • Students may wear one pair of stud earrings
  • Students may wear a wristwatch
  • Facial piercings are not permitted
  • Make up must be minimal
  • Nail polish must be of a single colour
  • Acrylic nails are not permitted
  • False eyelashes are not permitted
  • Hair should be natural colours only; students should not dye their hair in any bright or unnatural colours and anyone who does will be expected to re-dye it to an acceptable colour.

We understand that buying the appropriate uniform can be a challenge when faced with so many different uniform styles, changing fashions and teenage preferences! This can cause a number of issues as some students are keen to wear very short tight skirts and extremely tight, skinny, or jean-style trousers. These styles do not comply with the uniform guidelines and much staff time can be lost dealing with uniform related issues.

In addition to our logoed blazer and our clip-on/standard tie,

students should wear either black trousers or skirts similar to those in the images below – these can be purchased from any supplier.

(OPTIONAL) black jumper with contrasting  coloured piping around the neckline 

Footwear should be……

Well maintained, clean black shoes or ankle boots (boots may be worn with trousers only) that have a flat heel.  There should be no excessive or obvious embellishments or branding or white soles.  Footwear may be laced, Velcro, buckle or slip-on.  Footwear material should be leather, suede or synthetic leather; no canvas or traditional “trainer” fabric and no open-toed sandals.

Our current supplier is Anglia School and Sports Wear and orders for both blazers/ties/jumpers and PE kit may be placed through their website here

The blazer and tie, along with the PE kit items, are the only ‘required’  items; other items which meet our expected standards are also available to purchase but, provided they are of similar style (and meet expectations – see images above), these items may be purchased elsewhere, if desired.  (See here for more information on PE kit

SECOND-HAND UNIFORM:  We are also developing the sale of pre-loved uniform items;

We have a selection of used and old stock uniform items for sale including;

  • Blazers
  • Tie
  • Long Sleeved sports top
  • Jumpers

Prices vary dependent on condition.

We also have available to purchase at the Academy, new ties; payment is via the Parent Shop, online IPayment Portal.

All other uniform with the Academy logo is available from www.yourschoolwear.co.uk

All enquiries to [email protected], please include size details.