We are proud, as an academy, of the uniform that our students wear. It identifies our students both within the Academy and the local community.

Our policy on uniform is based on the notion that it:

  • promotes a sense of pride in the Academy in line with our ethos
  • supports positive behaviour and discipline
  • is practical and smart
  • encourages an identity with the Academy
  • makes students feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and helps develop a sense of community between different groups of students
  • discourages competition to have the latest fashions

To make the process simpler for parents and carers, we have a ‘standard’ uniform; Anglia Sports and School Wear who already supply our blazers and ties, are also able to supply shirts, trousers and skirts.

 Ormiston Sudbury Academy uniform and tie orders may be placed through their website here      

We expect all of our students to be wearing items of uniform, which are of similar style/design/fit to those items available from Anglia Sports and Schoolwear Limited.

Please note: The fact that an item is labelled as ‘school uniform’ by a shop or stockist does not necessarily mean it meets the OSA uniform standards. If in doubt, please ask us for advice before you buy.

Optional – black jumper with matching coloured piping around neckline.

Acceptable Trousers – Black full length tailored straight leg or bootleg trousers. Trousers must be tailored plain black and not skintight, chino/jean style or skinny. Leggings are not part of our uniform and should not be worn.      

Acceptable Skirts – Black pleated knee length skirts. They may not be ‘rolled up’ to achieve a shorter length. Tube and stretchy skirts are not allowed.

Tailored Shorts* – The shorts should have a waistband, no belt they should be knee length and black. Thie waistband should sit on the waist not the hips; the line of the shorts should be parallel and loose fitting, tight short are not allowed. *Shorts may be worn in the summer term ONLY.


Students should wear well maintained, clean, plain* black shoes or ankle boots** with a flat heel. 

*There should be no branding or white soles. Note: No shoes that have Nike ticks or symbols should be worn, or any others with names, or logos (even if black) of any sportswear brand.

Footwear material should be leather, suede or synthetic leather, and polishable.

No canvas, trainers, sandals, or plimsolls are permitted.

Footwear may be laced, Velcro, buckle, or slip-on.

The photographs below illustrate acceptable items of footwear:

We hope that asking all students to wear these ‘standard’ styles will make the process of buying shoes easier for parents and that it will continue to maintain the standard of uniform across the Academy.


Either socks or tights to be worn. Socks should be plain black or white (below the knee) and tights should be black or neutral in colour.

For all, a small, plain black belt may be worn if necessary.

Students are expected to wear their hair in a style which is discreet and suitable for the workplace. Hair should be natural colours only; students should not dye their hair in any bright or unnatural colours and anyone who does will be expected to re-dye it to an acceptable colour.

Discreet facial make-up may be worn (no false eyelashes), as well as a watch and no more than one small stud in each ear. Excess items will be requested to be removed and/or confiscated. No nose students or facial piercing are permitted.

Nails may be painted with one colour only and well maintained and no acrylic/false nails.

Uniform must be clean and well kept. If a student arrives without a uniform item, you may be contacted to bring in any missing items. In the event of a recurrence in relation to uniform infringements, your child may be sent home to return fully equipped for the day.

Through our second hand shop, parents/carers may have the option of being able to purchase previously worn items of uniform, dependent on current stock. Donations of uniform items, which are in good condition are regularly given to the OSA, who freshly launder and make available for purchase.

Enquiries should be made to the OSA Academy office or Reception.

As always, the Academy may support parents and carers who are unable to purchase appropriate uniform. Please contact your child’s Head of Year or Pastoral Manager for further information or if you have any questions.

PE Kit

At Ormiston Sudbury Academy we take pride in the PE kit our students wear and ask all parents to support us in maintaining high standards. Our range provides students the opportunity to choose the kit that they feel most confident in, to be comfortable, warm and allow them to perform at their very best.

Compulsory items

  • Unisex top or fitted top, with OSA logo
  • Shorts or Skort, with OSA logo
  • Sports Trainers

Optional items

  • Water resistant top/fleece, with OSA logo
  • Plain black jogging bottoms/Black sports leggings
  • Football boots / astro turf trainer for outdoor PE
  • Sports socks – black or white
  • Dance top with OSA logo

PE kit can be purchased online at Anglia Sport and School Wear.

Sample PE kit in different sizes is available at the Academy’s Reception; please contact them on 01787 375131 if you would like to look at the clothing to ensure the correct size is ordered – staff will be happy to help.

SECOND-HAND UNIFORM:  We are also developing the sale of pre-loved uniform items;

We have a selection of used and old stock uniform items for sale including;

  • Blazers
  • Tie
  • Long Sleeved sports top
  • Jumpers

Prices vary dependent on condition.

We also have available to purchase at the Academy, new ties; payment is via the Parent Shop, online IPayment Portal.

All enquiries to [email protected], please include size details.